Track Media Awareness

Distribute your rich media content and measure success with full-featured analytics

Media Awareness Tracking
Rich Media & Mixed Media

Our one-size-fits-all approach lets you take any rich media content and make it trackable. You can manually add articles, images and videos from YouTube or Facebook and measure the attention you get. By Who.

Combine & Campaign

You can easily handle single items or full collections of content to create a custom campaign. conSEED combines this into a single line of code to embed or share – adding full-scale analytics to the package.

Measure & Understand

Get the who, what, where and why on your media awareness by creating campaigns, or just let us do the content wrapping. conSEED provides you with multi-dimensional tracking of views, shares and interaction with your content.

Customize & Extend

Make your owned content look like your own content. conSEED lets you create the look, feel and handling with our customisable widgets. Add layers of interaction, brand your media, add all the glitter you want.

conSEED Quick Facts

  • Make images, HTML-snippets, videos or everything else trackable
  • Create media collections and custom campaigns
  • Get full-scale analytics on your media awareness
  • Customize for your needs, add interactive and branding layers
  • Add metrics and make-up to your media

Need to figure out the ROI for your fancy cat-videos?
With conSEED you can tell in real-time, which media is getting attention, from where and by who.


You want to know, if the CPV or CPM is worth it?
With conSEED the bang-for-the-buck metric is just one campaign analytics away. Full-Scale tracking of views, viewers and hotspots.


People are watching, but what are they looking at?
With conSEED you can have detailed insight on your current demographic, where the attention comes from – and where it leads your content.

Special Cases

It all looks the same to you?
With conSEED you can add some spice – or a logo – to your great media content. Add some interaction or have a custom trailer preceding all your campaigns. Because it makes sense. .

Start knowing your
media awareness now